Fox No. 6

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Baby fox 2

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Looking for a cute and charming accessory for your home? Then we have just the thing for you: our hand-painted 2 cm ceramic figure in the form of a fox cub.

The fox cub sits here totally exhausted after an exciting game with his siblings asleep. The adventures of the day must first be processed. This figure reminds us that it is important to rest sometimes and process the events of the day.

But do not worry, you do not have to be a fox child to own this figure. Instead, you can simply place it in your home and benefit from its beauty and relaxation. Thanks to the loving and artistic craftsmanship, each figurine is unique and guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in your living room.So, Be brave and get your own tired fox child now and make it your personal relaxation mascot and let it remind you that it's okay to rest and take care of yourself.
2 cm
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