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Beautiful cat in white,purple and black

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The hand-painted ceramic figurine in the shape of a cat is a special work of art that every collector and cat lover should have in his home. With a size of only 2 cm, this figurine is small and petite, yet full of detail and character.

The color combination of white, purple and black gives the figure an elegant and mysterious look. The cat's white fur is flawless and glossy, while the purple and black accents accentuate the eyes and ears, creating a stark contrast. Each figurine is lovingly hand-painted by an experienced artist, making each one unique.

The ceramic figurine is not only an ornament for your home, but also a wonderful gift for any occasion. Whether you want to give it as a gift or place it as a decorative element in your own home, it will certainly attract attention and bring joy. With its size and hand-painted details, this figurine is also a perfect accessory for any desk or shelf, and it will bring joy every day.

Overall, the hand-painted ceramic figurine is a beautiful addition to any collection and a charming reminder of the beauty and grace of cats. Whether you keep it yourself or give it as a gift, it will remain a special and unique work of art.
Katze Kunst
2 cm
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