Panda "Rescue Me"

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Panda with writing "Rescue Me

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This touching ceramic figure in the shape of a panda is a unique work of art. The reclining panda was lovingly hand-painted by an experienced artist and is shown in a devastated posture, reflecting the vulnerability and distress of the animal. The lettering "Rescue Me" on his belly emphasizes the message of the figure. With a size of only 2 cm, the figure is particularly decorative and can be placed anywhere.

The high quality ceramics and careful craftsmanship ensure that the figure provides long pleasure. Each figure is unique and is ideal as a gift for animal and environmentalists who are committed to the protection of pandas.

The figure is also a strong message for environmental protection and a call to protect the pandas and their natural habitats. With her posture destroyed on the ground and the inscription "Rescue Me", the figure wants to draw attention to the imminent extinction of these animals and call for action.

Overall, this hand-painted ceramic figurine is a particularly beautiful and high-quality product that enriches any collection and is a wonderful choice as a decorative element in your own home.
2 cm
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